Option 1

If you have a transponder, please add the rental vehicle immediately to your account. Forward us a copy showing the plate number being added on to your account prior to traveling on the toll road.


A Rental Vehicle with Licence Plate information 8pmg156 was added to your Metro ExpressLanes FasTrak account. Don’t forget to set the dates to the period you are using the vehicle or simple delete the vehicle once your rental period expires.

Date: 02/12/2021

By: Metro ExpressLanes

Remember to take the vehicle off of your account after you return the vehicle.

When you choose this option, we will remove the vehicle from our account/ so there are no double charges/payment.

It is your responsibility to remember to add and remove our vehicle. If there are charges after you return, we will not be held responsible for charges that don’t belong to you. If for some reason your account did not get charged and we receive a notice, we will pass on the charge for toll fees, penalties, plus our admin/processing fee; $25.00 each for each trip to you/renter.

Option 2 – This must be for every time you travel on the toll road

If you do not have a transponder or wish not to add the rental vehicle to your account, provide us with the following information within 48 hours of driving on the toll road to receive a reduction on the admin/processing fee. When we get notice of toll road usage we will compare your information against what we receive from If your notification does not match what we get charged we will pass on the charge for the toll fees, penalties, plus our admin/processing fee $25.00 each for each trip to you/renter.

Please complete below and the information will be submitted to our citation department. Your account will be noted, and we will look into the information received.

If neither above option is taken if/when Midway gets the notification of toll usage, your credit card will be charged per our terms and conditions. We will charge your card on file and are pass on the charges to you/renter for toll fees and admin/processing fee.

For more information, please email [email protected] or call 323.692.7045.