Father’s Day is right around the corner and that means it is time to pull out all the stops to celebrate the dads in our lives. If there is one thing we know about dads, it’s that they love cars and Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to unite them with the car of their dreams. Not every dad likes the same car, but Midway Car Rental is sure to have something perfect for your Father’s Day surprise!

For the Sports Fanatic Dad – Professional league games, hosted barbecues, or school-age games, this dad is there! You couldn’t pay him to miss anything sport related and he probably tends to go all out! He is hauling around tables, chairs, an ice chest, snacks, maybe even a grill, and more than likely at least three or four other friends, family members, or kids with him too. No matter what car he drives, he always makes it happen! This year thank the sports fanatic dad in your life for those experiences and rent him a Ford Raptor! The Raptor looks awesome, has room for dad plus four, and can haul everything you will need to make your next game day run smoothly!

For the Techie Dad – If the tech is not advanced, it doesn’t make sense to this dad. He must have the latest everything! There is no way you will catch this dad not knowing how to use the latest device. It’s just his thing! Which probably means the people in his life don’t fall too far behind, and you are probably wondering how you can repay him. Well, hop on that laptop, tablet, or smartphone that dad showed you how to use and contact Midway to rent him a Tesla Model X SUV.  From the huge touchscreen infotainment system to the semi-autonomous driving mode, this rental is a perfect match for a dad that loves all things tech.

For the Motorsport Dad – We all know that this dad would probably own a supercar if he thought it would fit his lifestyle.  He probably has a sporty car in the garage that he washes every weekend but, maybe it’s not the car of his dreams. Growing up he would take you for a drive and maybe even to a car show or motorsport event and those were some of your best memories. Now you can create a memory for him! Diving a Ferrari 488 Spider, Porsche 911 Turbo, Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, or a Mercedes AMG GT would definitely make his day, and you can rent them all at Midway Car Rental!

One day isn’t really enough to thank the dads in our lives for their time, guidance, and love but we want to help you make it special with a unique gift. If you don’t think the dad in your life would care for any of these models check out our website for options, or tell us about your dad and we will be happy to help. We have a vehicle for any type of dad!