Are you ready for music festival season? We know we are! In Southern California, we have access to some of the best music festivals in the world. From Coachella to Stagecoach and so many others, Southern California is the go-to vacation spot in spring. If you and your friends plan on going to one of the California music festivals this year, be sure you are fully prepared. This includes everything from having the picture-perfect outfits and luggage to the best form of transportation that has the most comfort for your trip and suited to carry everything you need.

First things first. We’re sure that you’ve already planned where you are staying for your festival weekend, whether that be in a hotel or suite in Palm Springs or camping on the Empire Polo Club fields in Indio. Regardless of where you are planning your stay, you will need a vehicle to get there. One of our personal favorites that is best for those of you that are staying in a hotel, is the Mustang Convertible. With four-seats that fit four people comfortably, this sports car also has a sophisticated interior and body that will have you traveling in style. Get right into vacay mode with the top down and wind in your hair. Plus, you’ll definitely turn heads as you roll into your hotel parking lot.

Maybe you are wanting a vehicle that is more convenient for large groups of people such as a minivan, Ford Explorer or even a Cadillac Escalade. All of these vehicles are perfect for packing all of your must-haves for your long festival weekend and are especially great for camping. With all of your sleeping bags, coolers, tents, and other festival goodies, these large and reliable vehicles are the perfect fit for you.

From minivans to Mustang convertibles, Midway Car Rental has every vehicle to meet your Southern California music festival needs. Whether you want to arrive in style or want the optimal vehicle with the most amount of space and comfort, we have the perfect ride for you. We are even including a special promotion this year for festival goers only! Use the code MUSICFEST10 online or over the phone to get 10% off the car rental of your choosing. Rent Midway today to have the festival experience of your dreams!