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Your time is precious. Our car rental program, Midway Renter Preferred Program, was created to help you get on the road quickly. When you fly into Los Angeles International Airport, Midway Renter Preferred Program virtually eliminates your need to go inside the Midway Car Rental office – though you are still welcome to relax in our lounge before hitting the road (lounge opens in September 2017).

Opening in September 2017, Midway Car Rental operates a brand new state of the art rental facility just one block from the airport. Simply enroll in advance and your rental contract and vehicle will be waiting for you at our Midway Car Rental valet area. When you return your vehicle, you will be greeted by a Midway Renter Preferred Program Agent, and your contract will be closed immediately. The return kiosk is located just a few feet from the free LAX return shuttle…you will be on your way in seconds.

To join Midway Renter Preferred Program, simply click “enroll” and complete our simple enrollment process. On your first rental, you will be asked to present your card on file – thereafter, you can simply go straight to our kiosk, present your ID, and be on your way.

  • Our requirements are simple:
  • Renters age 25 years and older are eligible.
  • Credit card on file must be in the member’s name.
  • Reservations made online must include “Midway Renter Preferred Program Member” in the comments section.
  • Remain an active member with just 4 rentals per calendar year.

Why wait? Enroll today so your next rental is an Midway Renter Preferred Program rental!

You are responsible to keep your personal information (e.g., change of address, new phone number), and credit card information up-to-date.


You must make a reservation a minimum of 4 hours prior to the scheduled time of reservation, and indicate that you are a Midway Renter Preferred Program member in the comments section of the reservation. After submitting a reservation online, we will email you a confirmation. The reservation must be made through our website www.MidwayCarRental.com

Rental Charges:

Each rental day is based on 24 hours and a 1-hour grace period is provided. After the 1-hour grace period has expired, an additional day of rental fees will apply. The rental charges will be kept on the credit card.

If you wish to pay cash upon return, you must go to the office and notify a customer representative. Cash transactions are not permitted at the kiosk.

Credit Card:

A major credit card is required to enroll in the Midway Renter Preferred Program.
**Debit or pre-paid cards are not accepted.


You may choose to accept or decline Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) on our website. If you reject our CDW, you will be responsible for loss or damage to our vehicle.

**Liability coverage is required in the State of California you may select this option on our website as well. You will be asked to provide proof of liability coverage at initial enrollment if you wish to decline our coverage.

Start of Rental:

The rental begins when the keys to the rental vehicle are handed to you.

Lost Keys:

If you lose your keys, replacement key sets begin at $350.00. Please contact our office immediately if you feel you have lost your keys.


In most cases your rental vehicle will be assigned to you with a full tank of fuel. Please re-fuel the vehicle to the same level as you have received the vehicle to avoid additional fees. If you wish to accept the pre-paid fuel option, please indicate that on the comments section when making your reservation online.

Vehicle Damage:

You are required to report any damage to our vehicle immediately. Failure to report the damage, and complete our necessary paperwork for an investigation will result in removal from this program.

Portable GPS Units:

If you wish to add a GPS unit your rental, please indicate that on reservation when making your reservation online.

Personal Property:

We are not responsible for any personal items that are left in the rental vehicle. If you do lose an item, please call us and one of our staff members will check if anything has been found.

Drivers of Midway Renter Preferred Program Vehicles:

You are the only person that may drive your vehicle for this program. If your license is revoked or suspended, we must be notified immediately. You may not participate in this program if your license becomes suspended or revoked.

You will be required to show a valid driver’s license in your name for every rental. We will not accept a copy, fax, or duplicated license. Temporary driver’s licenses will not be accepted be accepted in this program.

Return of Vehicle:

You agree to return the car to us on the date stated on your contract. Your rate is only good for the exact dates that are signed for on the contract. If the car is not returned on time, the rate will be subject to change.

If you need to extend, please call the Internet Reservations Department at 310.330.4600. There may be times when the rental may not be extended, or can only be extended at a new rate that is higher than your current rate. We do not guarantee that a car may be extended or that the rate will remain the same after the contract date has passed.

The car should be returned in the same condition as you have received it. If you return the car after the office has closed, you will continue to be responsible for loss of damages to the car until we have opened for business on the following day and or have recovered the car.

If you return the vehicle to an alternate location that is not stated on the rental contract you will be charged an additional fee that will begin at $35. We suggest that you contact an Midway Car Rental office to learn of any additional fees that may apply.

*There may be certain circumstances that occur that prohibit us from being able to provide you with a speedy rental 100% of the time. We will do our best to avoid these situations and limit your wait time.

Enjoy VIP service and simplicity - Counter bypass and go straight to your car!

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