Children’s Hunger Fund 2018

On May 13, we visited the Children’s Hunger Fund warehouse to help sort out canned foods that are going to be part of food care packages, given out to millions of children and their families throughout the US and the world. The experience was beyond rewarding and uplifting, knowing that our help will feed all these children that would otherwise have nothing to eat.

Children’s Hunger Fund is currently running their Summer of Hope program, which will feed millions of children in the US during the summer months when they are out of school and not receiving a subsidized meal, which for many of them is the only nutritious meal they have for the entire day. Project Coin Pak is a way for Midway employees to help by donating their coins for the Summer of Hope program. There will be a Children’s Hunger Fund coin box placed at every Midway location and department which will be picked up by the end of the month to be given to the charity. Every 25 cents you give can provide one meal for a hungry child. We hope you’ll support us in our mission to give back and do good. Click Children’s Hunger Fund to learn more.